Some Surprised Facts about Elephants


Elephants are considered as the biggest animals on the land; they could be 14 feet tall and weigh up to 20,000 lbs. They contain huge flappy ears that are useful for wading through water. The trunk of an elephant is made of the combination of their nose and upper lip. You know what? This huge animal is scared of bees; isn’t it interesting? One more thing that elephants have humans like chin and this is the only animal on the planet having this characteristic resembling human being, but because of their massive trunk, it is hidden from sight. Here is the other distinctive fact that they have two tusks, and both of them keep hanging out of their mouth all the time. In the world, there are now only two species left of elephants; African Elephant and Asian Elephant. Was all of this information enough to fill you up with excitement? If no, then you can get more Surprised facts about Elephants in this article.

Elephants Facts

Other than monkeys, an elephant is the only animal that is similar to humans in characteristics. The structure of the elephant’s brain is complicatedly developed and contain the same number of neurons like humans. They contain composite cerebral cortex which makes them discriminating the languages, gender, voices and also the humans’ age to be fully aware of handling threats. And chin fact that has already been discussed, is another resemblance.

facts about elephants

Dogs are not the only animals having the most delicate sense of scent. Actually, they only have a better memory of smell and keen sense. On the contrary, elephants have the most profound sense of scent because they can smell water far away from 12 miles. It is the only thing that keeps the specie alive regardless of recent perfidious wildlife events. One amazing fact related to Elephant is that it has an ability to sense rain from 150 miles away.


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