Caper Radio 107.3 MHz Listen Online

Caper Radio is a campus radio channel Established in 2015 and owned by Caper Radio Incorporation. It is not for profit station that is situated at the Cape Breton University and aired on 107.3 MHz frequency. The slogan of CJBU channel is Local-Independent-Better. On 15 May 2015, a university radio was approved by CRTC with a 5-watt transmitter. It was AM station that was later converted into FM format on 3rd November 2016; it was a great milestone for the radio. After some of its initial tests, the channel decided to launch its FM broadcasting officially on 17 Nov or 18 Nov. The headquarter or the main office of the CJBU-FM is situated in the building of Student’s Union, and it contains more than 6000 music data in the form of digital records. The FM shares the events of the campus and other useful info.

Caper Radio

Mentioning below the complete list of programs and shows of Caper Radio 107.3 FM:

Health First

Punk in Drublic

Night Fright

Celt in A Twist

The Mixed Tape

Live at Harbour Drive

Currently Awesome


The Velvet Studio

The Interview Show

In the Eastcoast


Cheeze Pleeze

Get a life

There’s No Accounting for Taste

Classical Afternoons

Home Grown

Radio Hootenany

Alternative Radio

The Gaby Show

World Beat Canada


The Earshot 20

This Could Be Your Show!

Let’s Get Baked

The Green Majority Podcast

The Elephant

Global Research News Hour

Mix Masta Mtich


Les Rendez-vous de la Francophone

Latin Waves

Joel Likes Music

There’s No Accounting for Taste Rebroadcast

In the studios, the students can gain experience, skills and knowledge of transmission and communication by interacting with the radio teams. In shaping the campers future, Caper is playing an instrumental role by providing the job skills to the students. After the one year, the applicant wishes the Yes signal from CRTC to increase the wattage that is quite insufficient at the moment. CJBU is all available for the fans to listen online with campus info, news, music with indie, local, alternative, studio performances by underground artists and much more. Here is the site of Caper Radio:, you can also get schedules, read blogs and find other important things.


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