Some Astonishing Facts about Africa


For centuries, it has been a great opportunity for the bigots who have ruled the black peoples.  Whether if that part is correct about Africa or wrong, however, that is just a bad history related to them, it is a fact now that Africa is seeing its better days these days which was once disease ridden impoverish region. The major portion of Africa is deprived of basic human necessities, and just a middle class of them is considered as superior as a luxurious class. Here are some of the amazing and astonishing facts related to Africa which may stun your mind at the moment.

Facts about Africa

Africa is the continent that is well known because of its biodiversity also for jungles and forests, where wildlife lives happily. But they are not as thrive as they are because big corporations are working in Africa with the all of their power and cutting down the forests, which is dangerous for the wildlife of Africa. Giraffe the main animal of African land is on the verge of extinction, and it has been already extinct in seven different regions of the world. Whereas the number of white tigers is almost nil in Africa, elephants have also been deceased with a rapid rate. If you are looking for some facts that are eye-opening about Africa, then listen the one that in Africa deforestation is double then the average of the whole world. There are almost 4 million hectares of forest perishes every year.

Africa facts

When it comes to slavery, then it is very painful subject for American-Africans and black peoples universally. Reasonably so; more than 12 million Africans were apprehended from their houses to be sold into slavery after the era of Columbus. The era began in 1525 which was officially dropped to end in 1866. To settle the earlier enslaved African peoples, US citizens founded Liberia as a country with their combined efforts.


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