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Rebel 101.7 also called as CIDG-FM is rock music located in Ottawa in June 2010, and it is a rock talk radio. The catchphrase of the station is Real Rock Radio.  The Frank Torres incorporated company were permitted by CRTC to launch a commercial channel in Ottawa. Its frequency was set at 101.9 MHz, and ERP was 1300 watt, but unfortunately, the channel couldn’t broadcast its transmission because of the minister of that time named as James Moore, as he was the one to review the decision. In April 2010, the Commission accepted the proposal of an applicant to increase the wattage to the maximum 4500 e and decrease the ERP to 934 watts.

Rebel FM

Here is the complete list of Rebel 101.7 FM Canada Online.

Rebel Saturday Night!

Loaded Radio

Rebel Weekends with Darryl Spring

Carlee Quinn

The Naked Lunch, Rock Stripped Down

Loaded Radio

Rebel Weekends

Kornicky in the Morning

Rebel Evenings

Rebel Weekends with Darryl Spring

Commercial Free!

The Side Show Countdown with Nikki Sixx

Commercial Free!

Rebel Weetex

The Launch Pad with J-man

On 7 June 2010, 101.9 DAWG FM hit the waves after few required signal tests in its first week of June 2010. In 2011, both max and average ERP was increased to 5500 w and 1793 w respectively. CIDG-FM that was poor signal quality FM, as the share of its fans raised and because of the thing that the commission was responsible for protecting Kingston and Cornwall stations, exchanged its frequency with “CHIP-FM” (Pontiac Community Radio). The announcement for swapping frequency was made in 2015, but it was implemented on 30 August 2016 and got its channel to 101.7 MHz. Before that, CIDG-FM was already changed its format into the mainstream rock which was once blues on 21 August 2016. THE REBELLION was all available to listen online for events, contests like Lotto Max, Jackpot Radio and Daily Grand, playlists and much more. Here is an available the official website:, you can also feel yourself free in liking the Facebook page of the channel as well as you can follow it on twitter.


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