Brilliant Facts about White House


White House is considered as an architectural marvel, which has been reconstructed and remodeled time and time again and contains 132 rooms with 55,000 square feet area. It doesn’t matter whether it is about cornerstone or big second fire, the white house has presented a different bundle of crazy myths that would be entertaining for even those who are outsiders. Here today we will present some of the amazing and fascinating facts about White House in this article that will be surely astonishing for you.

White House Facts

Although one would never believe the fact that White House is a huge building consisting of 16 big bedrooms with 35 bathrooms, moreover it has a mini-mall down at the basement having various kinds of shops like a carpenter, florists, dentist clinic and cobbler, etc. You would require a large staff of you when you contain all the facilities of life. There is almost hundred in numbers of full-time employees who are responsible for making food, catering the garden, setting fireplaces and preparing meetings. But that is not all; there are also 250+ staff members in the house who are part-time employees.

Facts about white House

There are some facts about White House, and you will find each of them very interesting, here is the one amazing fact that the existing President and his family don’t just live in the house free. In fact, there is inverse scenario president pays for every toiletry that he used, every meal that is cooked for him, and other facilities that both President and family get.

Frederick Law Olmsted. Jr (part of Olmsted Brother firm) drew the blueprint design for upkeep and renovation for White House and amazing thing about them is that they are still used for restructuring the building. After that, there has been made several changes and complete remodeling of the house from both outside and inside.


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