Most Amazing Facts about Aaron Burr

In the History of America, Aaron Burr got himself in a unique position. He was a politician and a great American lawyer. On Feb 6, 1756, he came into this world. During 1743 to 1826, under Thomas Jefferson, he remained Vice President of America. His father was the Presbyterian minister, and he was born in Newark, NJ. At the age of 1 and a half year, his father deceased, right after that his mother also died. And he just remained alone with her sister and became an orphan at a very little age. Timothy Edwards took care of him. When he was 17 years old, Burr did his graduation from the University of Princeton. He then did some remarkable work and started his career as politics in 1790. He became a member of Jeffersonian (a well-known political party at that time). Get other Interesting Personality Facts also here.

Aaron Burr Facts

In 1800 during the President Election, he had a great opportunity of building his career in the National Politics. Burr was without any doubt an amazing leader of America who is appraised by his nation and remain alive in the heart of the nation for many years. On Sep 14, 1836 he died. If you are searching for some Astonishing Facts about the Aaron Burr, then here you can get some.


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